Chicken Farmers

Who are Belle & Ivy?

Not chicken farmers, really. That's just a hobby, an entertaining source of eggs, and a way to keep the bugs down.

Belle & Ivy is an Oregon, USA based collaboration of Dan and Becky Knopp where we combine the skills we've gained throughout our working lives and share the results with friends, family, and the public.

Belle and Ivy are treasured family names. We love all of both our families, but we picked Belle and Ivy to represent us here because it has a nice ring to it. Belle is Becky's middle name. Ivy was one of Becky's sisters, as well as the name given to one of our grand daughters, the latest arrival at the time we started this. Click the Our Story link above or Here to read more.

Satin River Quilt

Satin River Quilts

Becky acquired a large stash of satin fabrics when a men's formalwear rental chain closed up shop. With this soft and colorful collection of fabric she is crafting a line of quilts called Satin River Quilts. 

Unique not only for the fabric, but also for the designs and the quilting, Satin River Quilts can be great gifts, bedding, or wall art.

See finished quilts for sale from the main menu, or contact Becky for custom and personalized quilts. 

Quilting Services

Becky offers quilting services using a Gammill longarm quilting machine, and will do edge to edge or custom quilting. She also has a number of finished quilts for sale, which you can find from the main menu. She occasionally teaches quilting one on one, and opens her studio for visiting homeschoolers.

Contact Becky for longarm quilting.

Wood and Steel

Dan is available for all sorts of custom fabrications in wood and steel for your home, garden, cafe, retail or industrial space. Other elements that sometimes come into play are glass, plastic, fabric, leather, lighting elements, and even concrete.

Whether it's for tables, benches, retail and industrial fixtures, decor, sculptures, one-off fabrications or full production runs, contact us early in your project to start the design juices flowing and get your project into the work queue.

Sharpening Services

Tools are essential to work, and sharp tools have many benefits. Click on Sharpening in the menu to find out what we can make sharp and useful again. Most tools are only $5.00 to sharpen. See the Sharpening page for details.