Who are Belle & Ivy?

Belle & Ivy is an Oregon, USA based collaboration of Dan and Becky Knopp where we combine the skills we've gained throughout our working lives and share the results with friends, family, and the public.

Belle and Ivy are treasured family names. We love all of both our families, but we picked Belle and Ivy to represent us here because it has a nice ring to it. Belle is Becky's middle name. Ivy was one of Becky's sisters, as well as the name given to one of our grand daughters, the latest arrival at the time we started this.

Becky's Story

I am a native born Oregonian. I worked in the medical field for forty years, recently retiring just as I was seeing my position being taken over by computers. My mom was an avid quilter, making quilts and giving them to friends and family. I've been doing the same for a while now. In 2002 I invested in a Gammill Longarm quilting machine and began offering quilting services to the public. I recently closed the quilting business to simplify life. Now I am again offering my quilting services to a limited number of customers. I also have a large stack of quilt tops I am working on finishing, as well as some that are finished and ready to sell.

Dan's Story

I have arrived at retirement age, but I'm not stopping. Roughly half of my time-clock punching years have been in ironwork of all sorts, from light to heavy. The other half was spent in automotive work, car collecting, and a bit of drag racing. Along the way I also worked in carpentry, computer assembly, drafting, warehousing, and production shop management. I've gathered many tools over the years and find myself adding to that constantly. Since I'm not ready to put my tools down, I now work on whatever projects I can that fit in my garage. It's a mix of wood and steel work, with some glass and plastic thrown in on some projects. A saying I read long ago still keeps me going:

Have your tools ready. God will find you the work.

Table legs for Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters