Belle & Ivy offers knife and tool sharpening services to our local community around Portland, as well as a mail in service.

Items we currently sharpen include:

Most kinds of knives.*

Scissors, sewing and craft.

Garden tools.

Shop tools, chisels, woodturning tools.

Drill bits 1/4" up to 7/8".

Kitchen knives, sportsman knives, pocket knives $5.00 up to 6" blade length; $7.00 over 6" blade length.
Serrated blades $7.00.
Household, craft, and sewing scissors $7.00.
Gardening hand clippers and shears $7.00.
Large garden shears $9.00.
Mower blades, off the mower $9.00.
Single edge axes $9.00.
Reprofile broken knife tip, add $ 7.00 to sharpening charge.

Drill bits $3.00 each. Ask about quantity discounts. We put a double facet profile on drill bits for faster drilling, better centering, and longer lasting cutting edges due to less friction.

Wood chisels up to 2" wide $4.00 over 2" $6.00.

Hand plane blades $4.00.

Woodturning chisels and gouges $4.00 and up.


* We do not sharpen ceramic knives at this time.


In addition to our in-shop service and mobile service to the communities west of Portland, we offer a mail-in service. The charge for this service is the cost to sharpen, plus  $15.00 to mail items back to you via the USPS, including insurance and tracking, for whatever fits in a box 12” x 14" x 3 1/2”. Items may be mailed to us in any size box, but must be wrapped in a towel or other packing to avoid sharp edges penetrating the box.

Let us know through our Contact page before sending items to be sharpened.